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                Home > About Xiangyu > Corporate Honor
                Corporate Honor  
                338th of 2019 Fortune Global 500--Fortune
                143th of China's 500 most valuable brands--World Brand Lab
                40th of China’s Top 500 Enterprises in Fortune Magazine of 2019 -- Fortune (Chinese Version), China International Capital Corporation Limited
                No.1565 on the Forbes’ 2019 Global 2000 list of the World’s Biggest Public Companies
                2nd of China’s Top 50 Logistics Enterprises of 2018-- China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing
                3th of Xiamen Top 100 Enterprises of 2017 -- Xiamen Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Association
                54th of China’s Top 100 Listed Companies with the Highest Values -- Value Line, Sina.com, News.cn, Ce.cn, China Reform Daily
                China’s Listed Companies Golden Bull Awards of 2016 -- China Fortune Media Group, China Securities Journal
                84th of China’s Top 500 Enterprises of 2019 -- China Enterprise Confederation, China Enterprise Directors Association
                45th of China’s Top 500 Service Enterprises of 2019 -- China Enterprise Confederation, China Enterprise Directors Association
                3rd of Xiamen Top 100 Service Enterprises of 2016 -- Xiamen Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Association
                3th of China’s Top 100 Warehousing Enterprises of 2018-- China Association of Warehousing and Distribution
                National 5A Logistics Enterprise -- China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing
                National Advanced Enterprise in the Logistics Industry -- Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing
                Industry-university-research Base for Logistics and Supply Chain Management of China Society of Logistics -- China Society of Logistics
                5th among China’s Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution and Transportation Enterprises -- China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association
                The Outstanding China’s Logistics Enterprise -- China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing
                1st Class International Shipping Enterprise approved by Ministry of Commerce, P. R. C -- Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation
                Credit Rating 3A Enterprise -- Ministry of Commerce, P. R. C, Yellow Pages Editing Committee, Beijing National Commerce International Credit Evaluation Co., Ltd.
                National Award of Keeping Contracts and with Great Credit -- State Administration for Industry and Commerce
                Xiamen Honesty Demonstration Enterprise of 2012&2013、2014&2015 -- Xiamen Honesty Promotion Association
                China Foreign Trade Credit AAA Enterprise -- Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation
                Code of Ethics Rating AA Enterprise -- Xiamen Finance Consulting & Credit Rating Co., Ltd.
                Class A Enterprise in Xiamen Customs -- Xiamen Customs
                6th among China’s Top 100 Steel Trade Enterprise -- Mysteel.com
                The Most Potential Steel Logistics Park of 2012 in China -- Mysteel.com
                Top10 Steel Logistics Enterprise -- Chinatsi.com
                Enterprise with Outstanding Contributions to the Construction of Xiamen Special Economic Zone -- Xiamen Municipal Committee, Xiamen Municipal Government
                Xiamen Major Export Enterprise -- Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce
                Fujian Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relation -- Fujian Provincial Department of Human Resource and Social Security, Fujian Provincial Economy and Trade Committee, Fujian Federation of Trade Union, Fujian Federation of Enterprise & Entrepreneur
                Four-star Family of the Staff -- Xiamen Federation of Trade Unions
                The Best Employer in Xiamen -- Zhaopin.com, Xiamen Evening Paper
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