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                Home > Main Business
                Logistics Service System:  
                Resources +More
                Commodity procurement and supply business mainly feature plastic chemicals, metal minerals, agricultural products, forest products and mechanical and electrical products, such as five general resins, EVA, fish meal, whey powder, palm oil, latex, steel, non-ferrous metals, automobiles, etc.
                Services +More
                Integrated logistics services include international procurement and distribution, international multimodal transport, domestic door-to-door delivery and logistics finance and other comprehensive and professional logistics services.
                Platforms +More
                The development and operation of logistics platforms include the development, construction and operation of resource platforms such as logistics parks, ports and docks, distribution centers, international logistics centers, and commercial logistics centers.

                Under the general trend of a paradigm shift in the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, a new round of resource integration and division of labor will occur in industries such as procurement management, supply management, distribution management, logistics services, financial services, and information services that are compatible with processing and manufacturing. It not only occurs within the manufacturing enterprises, but also takes the form of outsourcing between manufacturing enterprises and service enterprises.


                As a supply chain management and logistics service provider, XMXYG CO., LTD. embeds itself in the value chain between the upstream bulk raw material suppliers and the downstream manufacturing enterprises, in order to provide manufacturing enterprises with integrated management services such as supply chain management, distribution, logistics platform development and operation, creating logistics value and serving the growth of enterprises.






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